A sound strategy pulls everything you are doing into a cohesive unit that your customers will recognize as soon as they enter your pages.

It starts at the top with identifying these three important questions:

What is your brand’s identity?

There are six important elements you need to keep in mind – your logo, corporate font, style consistency, shape and form, theme/tag lines, and visual elements. They all might sound the same, but all six of these elements add a unique twist to your brand’s identity. Creating a branding kit will go a long way in streamlining the entire process.

What is your key product?

Whatever this item is, you need to look like the expert. The internet is filled with people doing close to the same thing that you are, so your key product needs to stand above everyone else. This is where smart design and content marketing can help keep your audience actively participating with your page, increasing the exposure to your brand and your product.

How does this product solve your customer’s problem?

Knowing how this item solves your customer’s problem will help us create a keyword list that is targeted towards those people, which in turn will help us create the right style guide that can attract those people to your page. The words and images on your website needs to speak to your customer on a deeper level, as you want them to remember you when this issue comes up again.